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Figures, buildings, and terrain are sold unpainted. Painted buildings and terrain are available by special order. Contact us for a price quote.

Additional items shown in some photographs are for illustration only and are not included. To see exactly what is included in each package, check the listings at WargamingMiniatures.com.

Photos of Wargame Figures

Stone Mountain Miniatures 15mm American Civil War Figures

15mm ACW Infantry Photos
15mm ACW Artillery Photos
15mm ACW Cavalry Photos
15mm ACW Naval Artillery Photos
15mm ACW Command

Stone Mountain Miniatures 15mm American Revolution Figures

15mm AWI Infantry Photos
15mm AWI Artillery Photos
15mm AWI Command Photos

Stone Mountain Miniatures 15mm Colonial Figures

15mm British Colonial Photos – British, Pathan, Dervish, & Zulu
15mm French Colonial Photos – Foreign Legion & Arab

Houston’s Ships 1/1200 Ships

Houston’s Ships 1/1200 ACW Ships Photos

Photos of Wargame Flags

Flag Photos – All Sizes

Photos of Wargame Buildings

15mm Buildings & Terrain

15mm ACW & AWI Buildings – Photos
15mm European Buildings – Photos
15mm Arab / North African & Ancient Buildings – Photos
15mm Fortifications – Photos
15mm Terrain – Photos

6mm Buildings & Terrain

6mm Buildings & Terrain – Photos
6mm Science Fiction Buildings & Terrain – Photos

25mm Buildings & Terrain

25mm Buildings & Terrain – Photos
25mm Science Fiction & Fantasy Terrain – Photos